tosol antifreeze-65 5l sintec

tosol antifreeze-65 5l sintec
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Article:Sintec TOSOL CF- 65 5L


Universal high-quality coolant. The freezing point -65 ° C. 

The package of detergent, anticorrosive and greasy additives prevents scale and corrosion formation in the cooling system and provides a normal thermal regime of the engine. 
Can be used as a coolant in the local heating systems 
Does not contain nitrites and amines, has an increased lifetime. 
Operating temperature range from-65°С до +110°С. 

Approval of JSC Avtodiesel (YaMZ) on CF by TS 2422-047-51140047-2007

Approval of JSC Tutaevsk Motor Plant (TMZ) on CF by TS 2422-047-51140047-2007